The Viral Network Effect Of FollowFunding

Think that all crowdfunding campaigns and platforms are viral? Think again! Let’s discuss what it means for your marketing to be truly VIRAL in nature and how the FollowFunding platform can help your campaign go viral in a NEW, fresh and exciting way.

So what does it mean when something “goes viral?” A simple way to define it is that it’s a phenomenon allowing a message to be shared well beyond personal efforts.

For example, you see this with some YouTube videos getting millions of views. People start sharing it, and the “you’ve gotta see this” effect kicks into overdrive.

But how does the viral effect play into crowdfunding, and how does the FollowFunding platform EMPOWER campaigns to go viral?

We made a short video breaking down what makes a message go viral, and how our unique platform can supercharge this effect.

Please click the “GO VIRAL” button below to experience the viral nature of FollowFunding.

Key Points Of The VIDEO to listen for:

  1. The underlying motivation that makes something go VIRAL.
  2. How “going viral” can aid dramatically in your fundraising efforts.
  3. The key to your campaign going viral without “extreme entertainment value.”
  4. How our campaign connections create viral exposure.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. We’re excited to hear your thoughts about campaign connections and how they can help you reach your goals.

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