How To Discover Your Why

How To Discover Your “WHY”

One of the biggest causes of unhappiness, depression even is that people are not pursuing their “WHY” aka their purpose. They’ve lost track, or never defined their purpose, leaving them feeling as if their life has no meaning.

The good news is we ALL have gifts and a purpose, however the process of discovering purpose requires self-reflection and focus on where your passions lie.

7 Activities You Can Do To Discover Your “WHY” :

1. Pay attention to your outside interests: Is there something you’ve been checking out online or researching, but have yet to dive in and do? If so, explore that further. Your purpose will be magnetic to your subconscious mind. Some people refer to this as passion, or even obsession. If you find yourself searching a certain topic, watching videos or looking at pictures on Instagram or Pinterest over and over again… someone is trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s woodworking, baking, painting, marketing, paragliding, dancing… you name it. If it’s magnetic to you, chances are your purpose is rooted in that activity or direction.

2. Imagine Money Is No Object: If someone handed you a BILLION DOLLARS and said, “you can have this money, but you have to use it to do good in the world.” What would you do? Make a list really taking money out of the equation and thinking about your actions. What would make you spring out of bed in the morning?

3. Practice Altruistic Behavior: Doing kind works for others is at the core of many people’s “why.” Small acts of kindness can help you focus in on how your efforts could help in a much BIGGER way. Look for a need in your community. Is there a service you could offer that would fill a void while helping others at the same time? If so, you may have just discovered your purpose or niche!

4. Ask For Feedback: Sometimes our “why” is obvious to others, but a mystery to ourselves. The things you do often become second nature, and it’s easy to lose site of how much we love doing them. One way to identify these things is to ask others for insight. Reach out and ask people what reminds them of you. Asking something like, “what’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of me?” The insight you glean from these conversations will help identify where your gifts and interests truly are. Can you expand upon these to help others?

5. Surround Yourself With Positivity: Think about the people you choose to spend your time with. It comes down to the old saying, “you are the company you keep.” Many times the reason people lose track of their purpose is because they are surrounded by negative energy. People who have given up on their own dreams often try to keep others around them from striving to fulfill their purpose. Remember, misery loves company. So, make it a point to get involved and surround yourself with positive people following their dreams. People with ambition who are willing to take action and encourage others to do the same are people you should call friends. Many times changing the company you keep and having new conversations is the key to freeing your mind, and realizing what it is you truly want to do.

6. Consider What Bothers You: Another direction you can explore to identify your purpose is to think about things that really bother you. Do you have a certain organization you follow that’s tracking a problem you can really get behind? Maybe it’s animal welfare, helping impoverished children or senior citizens. Think about what stirs your emotions. Let your feelings be your compass, pointing you in the direction of what holds the most meaning to you.

7. Focus On Something You LOVE Doing: Make a list of the activities you love doing or are good at. Can you help others experience that activity? Turning an activity or hobby into a business model is one method many people use to get in touch with their purpose while generating income and making their community a better place at the same time by sparking interest in others.

Discovering Your WHY Is Work Worth Doing!

The reality is, some people discover their purpose early on, while others have to open their minds and follow their hearts to ultimately find their way. Just keep in mind, it’s a journey well worth embarking on because through fulfillment of purpose, life is given meaning.

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