The Perfect BLUEPRINT For Your Crowdfunding VIDEO

So you are getting ready to use a crowdfunding platform to fund your dream, cause or invention, and need some insights on what should be included in your video? Or maybe you’re wondering if you should even go through the trouble of creating a video at all?

In reality, VIDEO is the SECRET WEAPON… and can be by far, the most engaging element of your campaign. In fact, research indicates your campaign is 2X more likely to be funded if you include a video, than if relying entirely on photos and copy.

What other platforms say about video:

Kickstarter mirrors our findings stating, 33 percent of campaigns are successful without videos, however, that percentage jumps to 66 percent when video is present.

Indiegogo’s statistics on the use of video claim that campaigns with video generate 114 percent more funding than campaigns without.

So, if you want to give your campaign a much better chance at success, VIDEO should not be considered an option but a requirement!

With this said, I made a short video breaking down the essential elements of a successful crowdfunding video. This is a training video made for the FollowFunding crowdfunding platform, but the content in this video will be useful for creating video for any crowdfunding platform:

4 Key Points Of The VIDEO to listen for:

  1. The length your video should be.
  2. Identifying your “WHY” and getting focused.
  3. What FORMAT is the most compelling.
  4. How to organize thoughts, and focus on what’s important.

For more details about the FollowFunding crowdfunding platform, please CLICK HERE. Additionally, if you feel I missed something, or wish to pass along knowledge to others wanting to harness the power of video to further their crowdfunding efforts, please comment below.

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  1. Wow! This really helped me figure out what my video should contain. I was a bit lost until I watched this video. THANK YOU!!!!

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