Six Solid Tips For Marketing Your Crowdfunding Campaign AKA Your Dreamscape

So you are getting started with your crowdfunding campaign known as a Dreamscape here at FollowFunding and are wondering how to get the ball rolling with your marketing efforts. These 6 tips will help you focus and get moving in the right direction, while avoiding costly mistakes. As always, while reading this post, if you feel I missed something important, please leave a comment below so we can have a good chat about it.

Tip 1: Harness your personal network to prime the pump

It’s no secret that most personal crowdfunding donations come from first and second-degree connections. These are the people you know and the people that they know. The reason for this is the people closest to you are most likely to care enough to support your cause and to spread the word to others they are connected with. This is why it’s a HUGE mistake not to engage your personal network.

Keep in mind, people outside of your personal contacts are also more likely to donate to your cause if they see others donating. This is known as “Social Proof” and it is powerfully motivating. When people see others donating they see your cause as having third-party validation which in turn helps them feel comfortable making a donation. Basically, people like doing what they see others doing.

Let Your Personal Contacts Show Others The Way!

This is why it’s important that you contact your personal contacts shortly after posting your campaign (AKA “Dreamscape” at FollowFunding) and get some donations happening ASAP to prime the pump to get donations flowing. It is also important to remember not to only address your personal contact in a “one to many” environment.

You don’t only want to post on Facebook or send out a bulk email message. The best thing to do is to reach out individually to those close to you. Pick up the phone and call them, text them or email them directly sincerely asking for their help. Make a personal connection and ask them directly for their help.

Make It A Point To Directly Ask For Help.

People are far more receptive if you are asking them one on one and more likely to follow through with your request. This will also give you the opportunity to receive valuable feedback.

Now keep in mind, at FollowFunding we empower our users to secure donations through the first and second-degree connections of others with our unique campaign connections. This is a key difference that makes our platform unique, and allows you to effectively reach a much broader audience helping to move you toward your goal.

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Tip 2: Don’t SPAM your campaign link

While it should not be considered a suggestion, but a requirement to share your campaign with those in your social circles providing information about what you’re doing… you don’t want to get spammy with it!

Make sure you think about your posts through the eyes of your viewers. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s a HUGE MISTAKE not to share your campaign with anyone you have a personal connection with, you just need to be mindful of how you do it so you don’t turn people off in the process.

A good rule of thumb is that every point of contact should further your message, and not repeat what has already been said. Think about it, if you’re checking out your Facebook news feed and every day you see someone post their link and same generic update you’re going to quickly get tired of seeing it, ignore it and ultimately maybe even block the person if it persists.

The easiest way to turn someone off is to show desperation.  It’s perfectly fine to share your dreams and aspirations with others and to ask for their help, but it’s another thing if they perceive it as begging.

Use The 80/20 Rule In Social Media Posts.

Only 20% of your posts should be asking directly for pledges while 80% should be focused on sharing exciting updates. On your updates, always post your link at the end but make the update shifting focus of the post from the ask.

The key is to making sure your readers perceive what you are doing is sincere and that you’re asking for their help, not begging for it.

Tip 3: Show Appreciation

One very good reason to post on a regular basis is to thank donators by name and give them recognition for helping. Get in the habit of posting group thank you messages a minimum of a couple times a week once your campaign is underway.  The goal of doing this is to sincerely recognize each person’s contribution while keeping your campaign top of mind with your audience.

Thanking your donators will also show others that people are responding which will further the Social Proof aspect we talked about in tip number one. Thanking also gives you another opportunity to encourage people thinking about donating to check out your campaign and possibly even share your link. Remember, people like to do what they see others doing!

Tip 4: Celebrate your MILESTONES!

It’s a well known phenomenon in crowdfunding that as people see your campaign progressing toward your goal interest and activity are increased.

People want to back winners! The crowd wants to back causes and people that they feel have a chance of reaching their goal. This is why it’s very important to celebrate your MILESTONES which are the little victories along the way with donors and potential donors.

A good thing to do right out of the gate is to define personal MILESTONES and spread the word. A milestone post could be something like:

We just raised our first $1,000 toward our goal! Thank you <<Names of tagged donators here>> for your help of making my dream a reality. If you’ve not yet had a chance to see what we’re doing, please feel free to check out our campaign or share it here: <<Insert Link>>.  Every little bit is much appreciated!

As I did in the above example post, you can combine thanking people directly with Milestone announcements. The goal is to define these important moments and not let this very valuable and post able content slip by without mention.

Tip 5Encourage Shares!

Every time you post about your cause make sure you ask people to share it with others. Now it may seem like an obvious idea to ask people to share your cause with others, but not doing this is a common and costly mistake.

Think about it. Each time someone shares your campaign and posts with others, they connect you with an audience you otherwise would be unable to reach. This greatly enhances your reach and provides far more exposure for your campaign than you could have produced on your own.

The viral ability to spread the word really is the power social media provides, and is at the root of what makes crowdfunding possible. Get in the habit of asking people to help spread the word and watch your efforts soar!

Tip 6 – Don’t skimp on your campaign page.

Alright, the last tip I’m going to give you here is again something that can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

The tip is not cutting corners on your campaign page itself.  What I mean is that you can’t simply slap something up and expect it to go viral. You need to put some deep thought and effort into effectively communicating what you’re doing and WHY it’s important!

Get A VIDEO Posted As Soon As Possible!

For example, one thing a lot of people try to skimp on is not posting a video. Now don’t get me wrong I get it. It’s much easier to write up a description and post a few pictures than it is to create a video that tells your story.

But, here is something you should carefully consider. According to the research we’ve conducted on all major crowdfunding platforms, campaigns that contain video are at least 50% more likely to reach their goal then campaigns that do not.

So armed with this knowledge, we strongly suggest that you strive to post a video backing up and summarizing the reason for your campaign. Even if you start without one, strive to get one up as soon as your able.  If you need some ideas on what to include in your dreamscape video, check out this video training to spark some ideas:

Let Someone You Trust Have A Look…

Once you have your campaign ready, a good way to ensure you’re campaign is on point is to share it with someone you trust who will shoot you straight before you start marketing. Ask them to check out your campaign and to give you their first impressions. Tell them you need them to be brutally honest with you. If they see something they don’t understand or that bothers them you need to know about it. The key here is that you do your best, and then have others critique what you did so you can get an outside perspective on how it will be received.

Another solid idea is to continue making updates to your campaign page itself to keep it fresh. For example, each time you hit a MILESTONE, post an update on your page. Or maybe you want to update your campaign video from time to time to share your progress in video. It’s really up to you, but the idea is to keep it interesting so your campaign remains fresh.

Making changes to your campaign and keeping it fresh also gives you reasons to continue posting and getting the word out. For example, maybe you just updated a new video with a progress report. If this were the case, you could send out a post that saying something like:

WOW… so grateful and humbled by all the help we’ve been getting moving us toward our dream of <<insert dream here>> !  We’re making great progress and we just updated our campaign video to share what we’ve been up to with you. Check it out here: <<Insert Link>> and don’t forget to let others know what we’re doing. Thanks again, we couldn’t do this without your help!

Alright, so that does it for my SIX SOLID TIPS! I hope you have found this article helpful and encourage you to put these tips into practice with your crowdfunding marketing efforts.

Oh yea… one more thing! Now that you’re armed with these SIX TIPS, make sure you don’t make THE BIGGEST CROWDFUNDING MISTAKE!

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