Avoiding The BIGGEST Crowdfunding Mistake

So what’s the BIGGEST crowdfunding mistake?

No, this is not click bate and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. You see, by far the most devastating mistake people make is not moving forward.  

I’m talking about people insisting on everything being PERFECT with their campaign or idea before they’ll do anything! They’ve adopted the bad habit of working in their minds, and not in reality.

No Action Leads To Atrophy

They may have big plans and even talk a big talk, but without converting thoughts into ACTION in the real world, nothing happens and it NEVER will. Not taking action can become a habit leading to more inaction!

Think about it… you don’t just talk or think about riding a bike, hop on and ride it perfectly. Nope, you move forward imperfectly. You get on, stumble and fall off a few times, get back up, figure it out and keep peddling away until you’ve mastered it! Think of all the fun and excitement you would have missed if you never got on.

It’s the act of taking imperfect action that leads to mastery, and this is true with virtually everything in life. The fact is, you will rob yourself of most good things in life by thinking and planning, but never actually following through and taking action.

Action Leads To Discovery And Mastery!

Remember, without imperfection, mastery is unattainable. Don’t worry about making mistakes or thinking your description, pictures or videos have to be “just so” in order to publish your campaign. This is not the case. If you’ve got a dream, cause or invention you’re wanting to fund, our challenge to you is to get after it TODAY!

Don’t get a case of analysis paralysis… just get moving. Action leads to more action and clarity!

Get it posted and working with what you’ve got. Maybe you don’t have a fancy camera and you only have a smart phone to shoot a video or snap some shots… that’s fine! Your imperfect actions will help make you more relatable.

Maybe you just have some rough sketches or ideas illustrating what you’re raising funds for. That’s okay! Paint the best picture you can, working with what you’ve got at at your disposal.

Imperfect Action Is The Root Of Creation

NOW is the time to move forward, and correct course as you go. You don’t have to have all the answers, which is actually one of the joys of the Internet. You’re not writing a novel, or carving something into stone. You’ll have access to a crowdfunding interface allowing you to update your video, pictures or description at will!

As you make headway, have breakthroughs or come up with new ideas to share, add them to your Dreamscape and continue taking ACTION, evolving your campaign as you go.

The BEST thing to remember is as you move forward ideas are sparked, knowledge is gained and reality transforms. Adopt the strategy of getting started imperfectly, so that you can experience the joy of making your dreams a reality.

Our GOAL and MISSION at FollowFunding is to help people breathe life into and give a voice to their dreams, causes and inventions by providing a platform for ACTION!

Hopefully you’ll take these words to hart, get inspired, and get moving! To explore how FollowFunding gives your dreams a platform for action, please CLICK HERE. We have an 8 MIN VIDEO you need to see!

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement from various angles. I am truly interested in this platform and would like to share it eith a friend who has a project that is being worked on but need funds to move it along faster. I however do not reside in the United States or Canada which are the two participating countries at this time. I am prepared to wait until it is available in my country which is also the country of my friend. That stated, is the reason I have not gone any further with the process.

    1. Sonia, thank you for your interest. Yes we are working to expand as quickly as possible but are only available in the US and CA at the present time. Stay on our email list and we will keep you up to speed as we open new countries. Thank you!

  2. If you want to meet in person we will talk business and I’m talking million dollar deals and more than you can fathom, but I can’t seem to break the trust barrier associated with online or lack thereof

    I’ll even meet half way

  3. Very inspiring and motivational post here! There are so many people who have innovative ideas yet have no way to fund them and this is why so many do not put forth much physical effort because they simply do not think they will ever get enough funding for it. Pertussis, this new FollowFunding solution will help

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