How FollowFunding Creates Automatic Donations For Users

Before FollowFunding, it simply wasn’t possible to post a crowdfunding campaign and receive automatic donations. So how does posting a campaign known as a Dreamscape on FollowFunding make this possible?

This VIDEO breaks down the 3 KEY ELEMENTS FollowFunding has in place to not only create additional exposure for it’s users, but also make automatic donations a reality.

Here’s A Breakdown Of The 3 Key Elements

1. Company Dreamstream Rotation We are using a campaign known as a Dreamstream here at FollowFunding to fund the platform itself. This is great news for our members, because it means we are able to pass along donations up the Dreamstream via our donation allocation algorithm each time a donation is made to help fund the community of users. In order to participate, all you have to do is publish a Dreamscape on the platform.

For more details about this element, please read this BLOG POST for a more detailed breakdown.

2. Auto-responder Follow-up – Unlike the rotation mentioned above, this element does not create donations automatically, but it does aid the user in converting more visitors into donors. The way this works is FollowFunding tracks each visitor and continues to stay in contact with the prospective donor on behalf of the campaign they were visiting. This is done with re-engagement ads and email communication.

3. Featured Campaigns – Here at FollowFunding, we are also featuring the Dreamscapes of our users who are getting some traction. This consists of featuring user generated content via video interviews, blog posts various social media outlets. Our goal in featuring is to help our members gaining traction continue doing so, while illustrating the benefits of FollowFunding at the same time.

It’s our MISSION at FollowFunding to help people ignite their ambitions and fund their dreams, causes and inventions by connecting with the dreams of others through our community of donators.

These 3 KEY ELEMENTS in addition to campaign connections are what make our platform unique, and we look forward to putting them to work for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. We’re excited to hear your thoughts about our unique approach to crowdfunding and how we can serve you, and help you reach your goals.

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  1. This is super awesome Eric. First congratulations on Follow Funding and secondly, thank you for creating such an incredible opportunity for those to manifest their dreams through this platform. 🙂

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