How FollowFunding Is Better Than Shark Tank

I can’t tell you how many episodes of Shark Tank my wife and I have seen over the years.

It’s a staple on our DVR and pretty addictive if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body.

But something about the show has always irked me, which was one inspiration that lead not only to this blog post, but to the creation of FollowFunding itself.

You see people swim into the tank with high hopes a shark will like their business or idea enough to back them.

All of their hopes and dreams hinging on a handful of cherry-picking Gajillionaires buying into their vision. Unfortunately, some get deals, but most don’t…

But honestly, even those getting deals lose quite a bit.

They’re Called SHARKS For A Reason!

They’re looking out for themselves, and willing to bite off as much equity aka ownership as they can get. Often they don’t have the struggling entrepreneur’s best interest at heart.

If you enter the tank… you’d best know you’re swimming in shark-infested waters!

Now I’ll admit, if your product is already profitable and you need backing and access to deep pockets and insider expertise, then the tank makes perfect sense.

Shark Tank has helped scale a lot of businesses and that’s great! They have done and do a lot of good.

However, you have to remember, the Sharks are always looking out for themselves, and are only looking to invest in “developed business models.” They shatter dreams on the show over and over again claiming how something is, “too early and not yet invest-able.”

They throw struggling entrepreneurs out of the tank right and left without deals and often without hope. These are the people who obviously need the most help.

So… What If There Were A Better Way?

A way for entrepreneurs to get the money they need to fulfill their dreams, no matter how far along they are. All without giving up the one true thing of value they have to toss into the tank.

“EQUITY” AKA ownership stake in their business.

The good news is, crowdfunding has made that possible, and here at FollowFunding that’s exactly what we do. Our innovative crowdfunding platform gets people the money they need from the crowd to fund their dreams, causes and inventions by leveraging our community of donators.

The best part is… this is all done while keeping our member’s equity in tact! We also have a few disruptive tricks up our sleeves giving our platform users advantages not experienced on other crowdfunding platforms.

If you don’t already know about FollowFunding and what makes our platform so UNIQUE, please take a moment to watch this video:

So, if you’ve got a DREAM, and the only thing standing in your way is a lack of money, we’re excited you’re reading this post!

Here at FollowFunding, we don’t want EQUITY in your dreams, we simply want to make them a reality! To get more details on exactly how we can make that happen…

CLICK HERE and we’ll give you access.

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P.S. FollowFunding is like swimming in a tank full of goldfish. We’re a school of fish willing to donate, without taking a bite! CLICKING HERE and connect so we can put you in safer waters 🙂

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  1. What if you wanted funding or money for something like push button profits
    How about earnest money or just basically investing in anything trade stocks August 8th that’s what I don’t understand is crowd-funding going to do that or are you just strictly anybody who wants to start a business and entrepreneur. What if you want to open a restaurant why can’t anybody just simply show how to make money being an affiliate nobody wants to show exactly that all these webinars show step by step nobody does

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