What Can Be Funded With FollowFunding?

This is a question we get quite often here at FollowFunding because unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we don’t limit our users by specializing in one genre of campaign.

For example, Kickstarter is focused on creativity and merchandising. With their platform, it would be unacceptable to post a campaign raising money for medical bills or to fund a personal dream.

Here at FollowFunding, we don’t limit our users to one genre. We only have a couple restrictions as listed in our Terms Of Use since we are a peer-to-peer donation based crowdfunding platform.

Because we are a strict donation based platform, you can fund most dreams, causes or inventions, but you can’t give up equity or distribute merchandise to donors. In fact, nothing can be sold directly from our platform and we don’t allow contests, competition giveaways, lotteries or sweepstakes to be linked directly or affiliated with a User’s Dreamscape.

All monies exchanging hands through FollowFunding are strictly peer-to-peer donations. You see, we’re a unique community comprised entirely of donators and Connected Causes lifting each other up, helping to fund the dreams and aspirations of our users via donations.

We Also Don’t Dip Into Donations

Another thing relating to the monetary exchanges on FollowFunding you may find interesting, is that we don’t charge donation fees.

While most crowdfunding platforms scrape 2% to as much as 10% off the top of all donations in addition to processing fees, the only fees coming out of donations through FollowFunding are processing fees charged by our third-party processor.

Here at FollowFunding we’re not scraping off the top, but making our money from a modest $50 annual fee charged to each posting user, and by generating funds from our own company campaign, known as a Dreamscape here at FollowFunding.

Your Only Limitation Is Imagination

At FollowFunding we’re open to helping raise funds for all types of dreams. For example, we have artists funding backpacking trips to Europe to study the works of masters. We have members funding a racing team, opening a brewery, funding a number of exciting businesses, adventures and inventions.

If You Can Dream It…

We Want To Help Make It A Reality!

Our MISSION is to break down barriers and help our members manifest their dreams, whatever they maybe.

Ask Yourself These THREE Revealing Questions:

1. If money where no object what would I do?

2. What have you been dreaming about doing, but simply don’t have the financial means to pursue?

3. What would do that would truly make you happy?

Stop and really ponder your answers to these revealing questions… because giving you an outlet to pursue your answers is our purpose.

If you need some help FOCUSING and defining on your PURPOSE, you should REGISTER for one of our FREE Webinars by CLICKING HERE.

FollowFunding Can Help Fundraisers When Others Can’t

It’s also important to consider The VIRAL Network Effect of FollowFunding, and how it allows our members to get campaigns funded that would otherwise be very difficult or even impossible on other ordinary crowdfunding platforms.

We hope you’ve gotten value from this post. To discover more details about what makes FollowFunding so unique, please feel free to explore our BLOG further.

We’re excited that you’ve expressed interest in FollowFunding and can’t wait to help you manifest your dreams! Please leave a comment, subscribe below and feel free to share.

We’re here to serve the crowdfunding community and look forward to helping you!

Eric Bechtold FollowFunding Founder

FollowFunding’s Crowdfunding Blog
Email: Eric@FollowFunding.com
Facebook – Facebook.com/followfunding

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    1. Peter, we are here to help. You are also going to get step-by-step video help as soon as you get into your FollowFunding back office. Looking forward to helping you manifest your dreams!

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