Solving The BIGGEST Problem In Crowdfunding

You’ve probably heard the saying, “every good business model solves a problem” right? Well, FollowFunding is a crowdfunding platform designed to solve THE BIGGEST PROBLEM those turning to the crowd for funding must face.

Here at FollowFunding we refer to this problem as “The Crowdfunding Valley Of Death!”

Here’s a VIDEO dishing up the details…

The Crowdfunding Valley Of Death Has Burned Countless Dreamers!

While many feel a rush from receiving donations early in their campaign efforts, it’s often not long before the rush turns into desperation.

You see… most mainstream crowdfunders find themselves wondering where their next donations will come from soon after they start.

Our MISSION at FollowFunding is to save people from falling victim to the Valley Of Death, AKA “The Reverse Bell Curve,” with our unique crowdfunding approach.

THREE Things We Do At FollowFunding To Rush Users Through The Valley!

  1. The FIRST thing we do, is form DREAM Connections with our users. Each time a person makes a donation, they make a CONNECTION. In turn, when that person decides to post a campaign of their own, the early donations they receive also help their connected cause move toward their GOAL.
  2. The SECOND thing we do, is ensure we are a crowdfunding platform comprised entirely of DONORS. This is a Pay-It-Forward community lifting each other up, helping fund the dreams, causes and inventions of it’s members.
  3. The THIRD and final thing we do, is Feature Dreamscapes of members helping to create interest in our member’s campaigns while illustrating what’s possible here at FollowFunding at the same time.

FollowFunding is HIGHLY FOCUSED On Solving The BIGGEST Crowdfunding Problem!

We have identified a real and serious problem plaguing the 40 BILLION DOLLAR crowdfunding industry, and have built the entire FollowFunding platform around solving it, providing our users a unique solution for funding their dreams.

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Here at FollowFunding, CONNECTED we can make a difference!

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