FollowFunding’s ZERO Tolerance Spam Policy

Here at FollowFunding we’re EXTREMELY SERIOUS about helping our users fund their dreams, causes and inventions — this is our MISSION and our PASSION.

It’s also why we must have a Zero Tolerance SPAM Policy!

In order to continue making dreams possible, we must protect the platform at large from abuse that could jeopardize our community of donors.

If you feel someone contacted you in an inappropriate or illegal manner, including but not limited to: email spamming, voice broadcasting, text blasting or any other illegal or unethical form of contact, we need to know about it.

To report abuse, on each Dreamscape you will find a link toward the bottom of the page that looks like this:

Clicking this link will allow you to access a form that can be filled out to confidentially report possible violations. This FORM when submitted will send this information directly to FollowFunding’s Abuse Manager for review and further investigation.

Please Be Specific And ONLY Use This Form To Report Abuse!

This is our way for our community of donors to help us effectively police infractions of our Terms Of Use, and ensure the platform remains viable and stable for years to come.

The goal of our Zero Tolerance SPAM Policy is to ensure a few bad apples don’t spoil the bunch. Please do your part in helping us police the platform, so together we can ensure its longevity to continue connecting dreams and changing lives!

For more details about our platform, please subscribe to our BLOG using the form below. Also, if you’ve not yet joined our community, please CLICK HERE to get back to the Dreamscape that sent you here and let’s CONNECT to make your dreams come to life!

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