Does FollowFunding Really Produce Automatic Donations?

YES! So now, let’s break down exactly how it happens. The first thing you need to understand is that AUTOMATIC DONATIONS happen as a result of the way we’ve configured the FollowFunding platform itself.

So How Does The Platform Configuration Produce Automatic Donations?

If you’ve taken time to watch our INTRODUCTION VIDEO, you will have gleaned a basic understanding of how we’ve configured the platform. If this is not yet the case, please go NOW and watch the video to develop a basic foundation for understanding how to fully appreciate the diagram we’re about to dissect.

I’m referring to the VIDEO that launches the minute you open a users Dreamscape, which looks like the one pictured above. CLICK HERE and enter your name and email to gain instant access before you review the illustration below. Taking this important action will help you fully understand the magnitude of what you’re about to discover here.

Why The “Dreamstream” Is The Key To AUTOMATIC Donations.

So, let’s dive into the above illustration. The first thing you need to understand, is that the company itself also uses the platform as a user to raise the funds we need to actually run the company and continue innovating the platform.

That’s right, we believe in our platform enough to use the platform for our own fundraising needs. You will see this illustrated above with the Company Dreamscape toward the top of the diagram.

It’s also important to note that the same rules which apply to every users Dreamscape’s also apply to ours, with one exception. Before we talk about that exception… which is actually an advantage to other users on the platform in that it’s what creates “Automatic” Donations in the first place. However, before the exception is revealed, let’s quickly define the basic allocation rules here.

Here Are the Basic Allocation Rules:

1. You can only receive a donation of up to 50% of the amount you yourself have donated.

2. And, you only receive up to 50% of the amount initially being donated.

These are the 2 basic rules that govern how ALL donations on the platform are split. So with this understood, what’s the one exception for the company? The exception has to do with the fact that the Dreamstream has to start someplace. You can think of FollowFunding’s Dreamstream as the spring or source of the Dreamstream.

Please keep in mind, with every other user on the platform, all dream CONNECTIONS are made and dictated by the Dreamstream, based on the Dreamscape each individual elected to fund via their initial donation.

Since we are the source, and not linked by an initial connection, we decided to rotate our Dreamstream Connections as a way of paying-it-forward to our community of posting active users. Referring to the below diagram, let’s breakdown how this happens…

In top right-hand corner of the illustration you see a bag of money illustrating donations coming into the company directly. For purposes of this illustration, we will look at how 2 individual donations made directly to FollowFunding are handled. One donation in the amount of $5,000 and another in the amount of $200.

First, let’s look at what would happen if $5,000 was donated. It’s important to note that the Company Dreamscape is MAXED OUT meaning it has a donation on record of ONE BTC. This means that the company Dreamscape is Qualified to receive up to 1/2 BTC per donation, but remember, the same allocation rules that apply to all users apply to the company as well.

This means, if a $5,000 BTC equivalent donation was made, the company would receive $2,500 worth of BTC or 50% of the initial amount being donated, and the rest would be passed to the Dreamstream illustrated by the blue oval.

The Dreamstream then looks to the first rotation position to see what that person is qualified to receive.

In the illustration, the first rotation position is qualified to receive $200. This means that this user has donated the BTC equivalent of $400 to the community. So, because of their qualification level, and the fact that the equivalent of $2500 is being passed to this Dreamscape, this position would receive their MAX donation, or $200 worth of BTC passing along the remaining $2,300 to rotation position number two.

Rotation position number two is qualified to receive $50 because they have donated $100 to the community so far. This means they will also receive their MAX donation of $50, passing along the remaining $2,250 to rotation position three.

Rotation position number three is qualified to receive up to $2,000 having donated a total of $4,000 to the community. Because of this, the Dreamscape in position number 3 would also receive their MAX donation of $2,000 leaving $250 still to be allocated.

What Happens To Remaining Money?

Now, what happens to this $250 or any money left over to allocate after 4 dreams have been funded based on the basic rules? In this situation, the remainder is taken and evenly split among the 4 connected dreams that were previously funded, regardless of qualification amount or previous donations made by the 4 connected parties. These allocations are known as SPILL-OVER donations.

Spill-over donations are exciting because they allow users to receive donations that are larger than their qualification level in certain situations.

Let’s now take a look at how a $200 initial donation to the company would be handled per the illustration.

When the $200 donation is made originating from the company Dreamscape, the company would receive 50% of the donation or $100. The other $100 would then pass to rotation number one who is qualified to receive $100 allocating all monies at that point.

In the $200 donation example, only two Dreamscapes received a donation, the company and the Dreamscape in rotation position 1.

How The Rotation Works

Please keep in mind that in this illustration each of the three rotation positions connected to the company Dreamscape will be inserting active Dreamscapes in a rotation sequence similar to a baseball batting order.

The system looks at all active dreamscapes from the entire base of active users, and rotates them into each of the three positions keeping track of who was rotated and who’s next in line. Once all active Dreamscapes have been rotated, it starts over again.

What Does This Mean For YOU?

This means, although we can’t guarantee how many automatic donations will be created, we can guarantee that the faster you get your Dreamscape posted and ACTIVE, the quicker we can get your Dreamscape into rotation (or batting order.)

In addition, you should also keep in mind that donation qualification is calculated based on the total donations made initiated from a particular Dreamscape. This means, you can get started by making a donation at any level that’s right for you, and then go back to make subsequent donations to boost your qualification as you have more to share with the community over time.

Here is a video of FollowFunding Founder Eric Bechtold talking about Automatic Donations.

How You Can Get Started NOW.

To get started now, please CLICK HERE and enter your name and email address so we can put you back on THE DREAMSCAPE that helped you discover FollowFunding in the first place.

Remember… You Can Donate Money Or Effort, We Have A Path For Everyone!

You will find a button like this featured on every Dreamscape

Once on the Dreamscape, if you wish to make a monetary donation to get started, simply click the GREEN DONATE NOW button like the one pictured. This button is prominently featured on all Dreamscapes.

You also have the option of donating effort instead of money. If you wish to explore this option, check out the CAUSE CRUSADER program which will give you that ability. This is an exciting way for you to make a CONNECTION and provide support to a Dreamscape of your choice, even if you don’t have any money to donate at this time.

Here at FollowFunding it’s our MISSION to give everyone a path to getting their dreams, causes and inventions funded.

We hope you’ve gotten value from this post. To discover more details about what makes FollowFunding so unique, please feel free to explore our BLOG further.

We’re excited that you’ve expressed interest in FollowFunding; and can’t wait to help you manifest your dreams!

Please leave your thoughts, or subscribe below, and feel free to SHARE this with anyone who may need help making their dreams a reality.

We’re here to serve the crowdfunding community, and look forward to serving YOU!

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