A Bridge To Purpose…

Since you’re reading this post you’re most likely looking for a way to FUND and live your “PURPOSE.” Here at FollowFunding, we’re excited for you and believe firmly that:

Without PURPOSE money won’t make you happy. Furthermore, without PURPOSE, nobody will feel compelled to fund your endeavor!

In reality, PURPOSE is the foundation of every worthy dream, cause or invention. It all boils down to WHY you want to do it, invent it or LIVE it!

So, you have discovered your PURPOSE… now let’s discuss what’s possibly holding you back.

What’s Holding You Back From Your Purpose?

You see, pivoting towards PURPOSE as you may have already experienced, is not always as easy as making a commitment, going all-in and moving in a new direction. Some will tell you that’s the key…

Now don’t get me wrong, committing to your purpose and being passionate about what you’re wanting to do definitely is important. This is a requirement to make it a reality; unfortunately, other factors often come into play resulting from previous commitments that hold us up.

Previous Commitments Often Keep Us From Reaching Our Purpose.

For example, maybe you’ve been stuck in a job you can’t stand, but you’ve made the commitment of buying a house burdening you with a mortgage. Many feel they’ve got to toe the line to keep their head above water.

Or maybe, you’ve made the commitment to have children, and it’s a priority to put food on the table and provide a stable and loving home.

Or maybe, you’ve made the commitment to education and you’re now stuck doing something not in line with your purpose trying to pay down crippling student debt.

Each of these examples effect millions of people. The fact is, these three examples are just scratching the surface of how prior commitments lead many to lose sight of their purpose.

The unfortunate part is… one of the BIGGEST causes of unhappiness — even depression is that people are not pursuing their purpose, but have justified inaction based on prior commitments. This leaves them convinced they have no pathway forward toward PURPOSE.

So, how does FollowFunding help its users overcome this dilemma?

Pivoting Towards Purpose Takes A Bridge.

Here at FollowFunding we understand that most people can’t just walk away from a source of income toward their “Purpose” without a way of covering their prior commitments.

This is where a “Bridge” providing a path from where you are, to where you want to go comes into play. Now, let’s discuss the different types of bridges that exist today.

The most well known type of bridge is CREDIT. Credit in the form of credit cards, business loans, refinancing etc. Unfortunately credit related bridges come with another type of commitment… unwanted DEBT.

FollowFunding Is A Debt-FREE Bridge

Here at FollowFunding it’s our MISSION to connect dreams and change lives. We’re passionate about helping people realize their dreams, giving those dreams a voice, and then manifest them through our unique peer-to-peer donation based crowdfunding platform.

We provide a way for our members to secure the funding they need to pursue their purpose without having to rack up debt, pay it back or give up equity of any kind.

Crowdfunding truly is a powerful Bridge, and FollowFunding has put a UNIQUE and disruptive spin on it; empowering our community of Donors to live their PURPOSE, while helping others to do the same.

If You Need A Bridge To PURPOSE, We Can Help!

We’re grateful you’re looking into our platform, and are extremely excited to bridge the gap between where you are today — and where you should be tomorrow!

Welcome to FollowFunding! For more DETAILS on how we can serve you, please CLICK HERE. We can’t wait to share more information with you!

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  1. Hi Eric, Just getting started and enjoying the platform. I have been “pivoting” towards my PURPOSE for decades it seems. My PURPOSE is still a bit fuzzy and developing. However, the ‘what’s holding me back” is becoming very clear. I consider myself to be in the “ninth inning” of my journey and may have to stick around for ‘extra innings’. Your article and my friend, Rob’s constant encouragement helps me believe your “Bridge To PURPOSE” will work for me also, Looking forward to EXPLOSIVE GROWTH and fun. Thanks.

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