Have You Been Put In A ZOMBIE Like Trance?

We have an epidemic online that’s growing and claiming more victims with each passing day. It’s called Shiny Object Syndrome and it’s been responsible for putting the masses into a ZOMBIE like state.

This VIDEO breaks down the problem and provides a solution anyone can use to snap out of the trance and pivot toward their purpose.

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome?

It really is a disruptive form of attention deficit disorder. People are being bombarded and distracted by new business ideas, tools, and endless apps.

Attention jumps from place to place without ever allowing the person to focus, take action or realize their goals and ambitions.

It’s the lack of F-O-C-U-S that lulls people in a trance like state, mindlessly scrolling and jumping from one meaningless task to the next while precious time flies out the window.

Shiny Object Syndrome Has Gone On Steroids With Social Media

Staying focused is getting even harder these days with the addition of numerous social platforms pumping out an endless flood of mindless fodder filling every second of our connected lives.

It’s getting to a place where as a society we’re addicted to distraction!

So, What’s The SOLUTION?

In order to focus you must first define your DREAM or PURPOSE. You must pinpoint the outcome you’re wanting to create in your life, and then put action behind manifesting it.

The reality is, it’s not smart to embark on a journey without first defining a destination, yet this is what most people do in life. Stumbling along from thing to thing, distraction to distraction and when they finally look-up, wonder where all their time went.

It’s TIME To Snap Out Of Your Trance.

The first thing to do, is figure out what it is YOU actually want to accomplish. Remember, we all have a limited amount of time on this planet and you can spend it mindlessly wandering like a zombie, or you can open your eyes, define your dreams and move with purpose toward them!

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