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What Is FollowFunding?

FollowFunding is a unique viral peer-to-peer donation based crowdfunding platform that CONNECTS causes, empowering users to expand their reach well beyond their own social circles.

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Eric Bechtold FollowFunding Founder

Who Created FollowFunding?

Eric Bechtold and his team are responsible for the creation of FollowFunding. Eric has a degree in Marketing and Mass Communications and graduated from the University of Kansas.

While working on the agency side, Eric contributed to the advertising campaigns of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Hills Science Diet, Sonic Drive-ins and The Kansas Lottery before breaking away to form his own consulting agency in 2004.

He was inspired to start FollowFunding in 2018 after seeing how many people were failing to get funded in the mainstream crowdfunding space. He knew there had to be A BETTER WAY and became obsessed with providing a solution. FollowFunding is the result of his obsession.

The “WHY” of FollowFunding is Making Our Users Dream’s Possible.

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